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Housing Governance is our annual event for governance professionals to learn and network. This conference is a chance to build resilience during challenging times. We aim for your team to leave confident in delivering good governance for your organisation.

With Housing Governance 2024 over, we are now looking forward to next year's event, which will take place a year into the first Labour-controlled Parliament for 14 years. We'll explore what this means for the regulatory timetable and what opportunities there are for our sector. You will also find chances for personal and professional development at this event and, of course, there will be plenty of time to meet and network with other governance teams and boards.

Learn more about what happened back in June below.

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Housing Governance 2023

What happened at Housing Governance 2024?

Housing Governance 2024 took place at an interesting time for the sector. We came together during a general election campaign and shortly after the proactive enforcement of consumer gradings.

Our first session explored what this new regulatory landscape looks like and how it represents a "step-change for resident engagement". We then spoke about regulatory inspections and speakers generally agreed that a clear and well-documented set of policies and behaviours is best practice.

For the rest of the morning and after lunch we entered our breakout sessions. We heard from experts in EDI, artificial intelligence and more. We explored potential outcomes of the election and what they would mean for housing governance.

We then returned to the main stage to talk about resident engagement. Our panelists spoke meaningfully about the importance of open communication with residents and using channels they want to use. Housing Governance then ended with an inspiring session with Sharon Amesu, who spoke about resilience in challenging times.

This conference was also a chance to meet and share ideas outside of sessions. We want to thank everyone who attended, spoke to other delegates and exhibitors and helped make yesterday a vibrant and insightful event.

We also want to thank our wonderful chair Kelsey Walker for expertly guiding our conversations throughout the day. We will hopefully see you all at Housing Governance 2025.

Tabitha Kassem, Toby Lloyd, Rachelle Earwaker

About the event

A full day of learning and meeting others in the sector, thoroughly enjoyable and lots of ideas to take back to the office.

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Get the best price by booking super early bird tickets for Housing Governance 2025.