We're always on the lookout for new speakers at our events. To find out more about speaking opportunities, please contact Melanie Boulton, Conference Producer at Melanie.Boulton@housing.org.uk

Call for papers

In this turbulent political environment, no matter what the outcome, one thing is certain: good governance is vital to the health of housing associations. Just following all the correct procedures isn’t enough, governance needs to be embedded into the foundations of your organisation.

That’s why our Housing Governance Conference and Exhibition is so important. The conference provides delegates with strategic insights and practical solutions on how to improve their governance function and continue to be a high performing housing association.

One of the most valuable aspects of the conference are the real-life case studies from housing associations sharing their insights and experience. Research for the 2020 conference is well-underway and we're particularly keen to showcase new and innovative examples of good practice.

So, whether you want to suggest a topic that needs to be covered, shout about a great case study or nominate a speaker on a specific subject, we want to hear from you.

We're particularly keen to showcase examples and case studies in the following key areas:

  • Resident involvement with governance
  • Consumer regulation
  • In Depth Assessments round two
  • Data Governance
  • Board effectiveness
  • Health and safety

Deadline for submissions: Friday 6 December

How to make your submission

To make your submission please email Melanie Boulton, Conference Producer at Melanie.Boulton@housing.org.uk

Please outline:

  • Content - what is the context of your session? Be clear about your objectives and what you hope to convey and achieve.
  • Format - tell us how you want to communicate your message. Is it a presentation? A case study? Part of a discussion? A workshop?
  • Speakers - who will deliver the session at the conference? It’s important we know the names of those who will be involved.
  • Audience - who are you pitching this at? From front-line staff to chief executives – who will your session be relevant to?
  • Takeaways – what are the key learnings that delegates will be able to walk away with?

Frequently asked questions

When will I receive a response?
We give every submission thorough consideration, so please be patient with us. The events team will be in contact with you again in December.

What happens if my submission is successful?

A member of the events team will contact you to discuss further. You will then receive confirmation of the session and attendance details.

If you have any questions please email Melanie or call on 020 7067 1068.

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