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Recovering from a governance downgrade: the journey of Saffron Housing

  • Root causes of the downgrade.
  • When lack of transparency leads to a problem.
  • Areas of opportunity presented by a downgrade .
  • The pursuit of excellence and major transformation projects.
  • James Francis, Chief Executive Officer, Saffron Housing Trust
  • Chair: Paul Bayly, Head of Governance and Compliance, National Housing Federation

Modern age IDAs: resilient, robust and virtual

  • Learn about providing focused assurance during an IDA and current key risk areas.
  • Hear how Salix Homes approached their IDA during lockdown and what they learnt from their experience.
  • Grainne Heselwood, Chair, Salix Homes
  • Lee Sugden, Chief Executive, Salix Homes
  • Kelsey Walker, Director, Housing Consultancy, Savills
  • Chair: Sarah Finnegan, Head of Member Relations, National Housing Federation

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Housing governance fundamentals

Are you new to the housing sector or to a governance role? Access a library of content to help you get to grips with the basics of good governance in the housing sector.

How organisations will look, think, behave and act in a post-coronavirus world

  • Explore examples of good practice in housing and other sectors that have emerged during lockdown. How these can be sustained long term?
  • Are there new opportunities for housing providers to reshape their relationships with residents, staff and other stakeholders?
  • Examine what a TABLE organisation is and the ways that boards and executive teams can transform organisations by emphasising values of excellence, fairness and inclusivity.
  • Rina Goldenberg Lynch, Founder and Chief Executive, Voice At The Table

Code of governance update

Review your organisation’s performance, processes and culture against the new governance code.

  • Paul Bayly, Head of Governance and Compliance, National Housing Federation

How to hold online remote AGMs

Learn the requirements to hold your AGM securely, easily and completely remotely.

  • Paul Bayly, Head of Governance and Compliance, National Housing Federation

Data strategy and governance: building a culture of data protection

  • How to engage the entire organisation with data protection and security.
  • Moving beyond risk and compliance towards cultural change and transformation.
  • How becoming more data-driven could present huge opportunities for your organisation and the wider sector
  • Linda Gove, Head of Governance and Data Protection Officer, PA Housing
  • Kerry Tromanhauser, Acting Chief Information and Data Officer, Hyde Housing
  • Phil Brining, Operations Director, Data Protection People
  • Chair Rob Wall, Head of Policy, National Housing Federation

Financial risks and potential opportunities for housing in a post-coronavirus world

Hear perspectives from two organisations on:

  • How coronavirus will effect financial modelling and business plans - what do you need to be thinking about now?
  • How appetite for lending and investment been impacted, and what could it look like further down the line?
  • Are there opportunities which some organisations should be exploring, such as accessing or unlocking new potential cost savings?
  • Mark Lewis, Chair, Trent and Dove
  • Nicky Wilden, Board Member and Chair of the Risk and Audit Committee, Central & Cecil Housing Association
  • Chair: Eve McMahon, External Affairs Manager, National Housing Federation

Optimising board effectiveness through digital engagement

  • Making the most of the available technology.
  • Achieving the optimum balance of people, skills and experience.
  • Accelerating the adoption of new ways of working.
  • Upskilling the next generation of board members.
  • Yvonne Davies, Managing Director, Scrutiny and Empowerment Partners
  • Arturo Dell, Director of Technology and Innovation, HouseMark
  • Mushtaq Khan, HDN Manager North, Housing Diversity Network
  • Chair: Jess Mullins, External Affairs Manager, National Housing Federation

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