• Deregulation - one year on

    15 June 2018
    Katrina Laud is a Consultant Director at Savills Housing Consultancy

    A client recently attended a presentation by the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) and fed back to me that the message could be summed up as ‘optimise delivery in line with your objects and mission - and make sure you ‘don’t mess up’. It’s pithy, but perhaps useful to bear in mind when considering the use of the freedoms and responsibilities under the deregulatory regime.

    Twelve months after the introduction of the deregulatory freedoms, how much has self-governance led to change?

  • Governing the delivery of care and support services

    6 June 2018
    Holly Dagnall, Director of Homes and Wellbeing, NCHA

    Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA) has a large Care and Support team delivering a range of services to communities across the East Midlands. Our Care and Support team comprise two thirds of our staff and at around £27m turnover, over a third of our income.